Mogul F4 map tests

  1. F4 map using Meyer Mansion example: 18th Jan

  2. Updated One Mayer test: 25th Jan

  3. iFrame test: 14th Feb

  4. Mapbox: 3D test: 22nd Feb

ArcGIS map tests

  1. ArcGIS Test: 11th Mar

  2. ArcGIS geospatial test: 16th Mar

  3. Pure mapbox + D3: 16th Mar

  4. Leaflet + ESRI ArcGIS + D3: 17th Mar

  5. Leaflet Marker Cluster + Mapbox: 18th Mar

Mogul-007 D3 tests

  1. Scatterplot B171: 26th Jan

  2. Scatterplot B171 - more data in surrounding area: 28th Jan

  3. Major version - Boxplots and interactivity.: 1st Feb

  4. Filter by flats and build date added: 2nd Feb

  5. Trellis price data: 4th Feb

  6. Toa Payoh B171

  7. Major revamp - slider and dropdown