Natural disasters like storms are devastating and unpredictable.

We cannot avert them, but we can minimize their effects, on power supply, for example, by using performance materials.

Find out more about BASF Elastolit® utility poles and electricity uninterrupted by the elements.

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BASF Elastolit® Pole

Concrete Pole

Having power in a storm

This is a small town where one street has BASF Elastolit® utility poles.

The other street has standard concrete utility poles.

As the storm gets heavier and heavier, the BASF Elastolit® utility poles flex with the wind.

The traditional concrete poles topple well before the height of the storm.

At the end of the storm, only the BASF Elastolit® utility poles are left standing.

Wind Speed (km/hr)


BASF Elastolit® Pole

Concrete Pole

Faster installation

Weighs over 1,200 kilograms, require dozens of workers

Require access to roads and heavy equipment such as truck cranes

Long repair time, with blackouts lasting more than one week

Poles crack or and corrode under harsh weather conditions

Weighs just 250kg, require little manpower and lifting equipment

Can be installed in difficult terrains, cutting through mountainous areas

Quick installation and restoration of electricity

Poles remain standing through severe weather conditions


Traditional Concrete Pole

BASF Elastolit® PU composite pole


Weighs up to 1,100kg each


Weighs about 250kg each


Strength is only a fraction of weight

Under strong wind, it will begin to crack, and then break

Durable and flexible

Strength is easily 10x greater than its weight

Bends much more than concrete poles without breaking