Haptex is a faster to market, environmentally friendly, superior quality synthetic leather solution.

It is used in automotive, furniture, footwear and garment & accessories.

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Faster to market

Haptex simplifies the production process by saving one production step – the wet-process.

By avoiding the use of solvents, this increases production efficiency. It also reduces energy use by at least 50%.

Environmentally friendly

Haptex’s dry processes significantly reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds.

It is safer for employees and the environment.


PVC / Solvent PU

Superior quality

Haptex compares very favorably to other synthetic leathers like PVC and Solvent PU in many metrics.

Item Haptex PVC Solvent PU
Peel Strength
Abrasion Resistance
Hydrolysis Resistance
UV Color Fastness


Haptex can be used in many industries.


  • low VOC
  • good UV resistance
  • high peel strength
  • high abrasion
  • heat and curve resistance


  • low VOC
  • good stitching
  • sufficient peel strength
  • flame retardant


  • low VOC
  • high abrasion
  • good flexing
  • high peel strength

Garment and accessories

  • low VOC
  • softness