As a result of global warming and urbanization, cities are facing rising sea levels and increasingly affected by flooding caused by climate change.

How can we mitigate flooding?

Find out more about BASF Elastopave® Polyurethane Binder System, a permeable and durable city building material that quickly absorbs and drains water.

Find out more!

Flood prevention

Elastopave® is a versatile rock-solid material that lets water drain through it quickly, preventing flooding, which can cost thousands of dollars in flood damage.


BASF Water permeable Elastopave® material has high porosity (40%, 22mm/sec) with strong physical performance

Concrete / Asphalt

Porosity of normal asphalt, concrete, and other conventional porous pavement ranges 0.01 - 0.1mm/sec



Road Safety

When it floods, roads become dangerous for vehicles as they can aquaplane – the wheels lose friction with the road.

This can lead to loss of control of the vehicle and accidents can result.

Healthy water circulation

Rainwater drains effectively through Elastopave®, replenishing aquifers and creating an improved water circulation system. This green infrastructure technology also reduces city waste heat.

Because of these features, Elastopave® creates greener cities.


High Strength

  • More durable under heavy loads
  • Remains elastic and retains its shape
  • Higher tensile strength than asphalt

Water Permeable

  • Increased safety with aquaplaning
  • Skid-resistance
  • Reduced ice formation
  • No frost damage or port holes

Environmental Aspect

  • Noise reduction
  • No leaching of hazardous substances
  • Increased groundwater supply
  • No chemical de-icing, reduced use of salt



Car Parks




Bicycle Lanes